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F.A.Q’s: Frequently Asked Questions

Which area(s) do you operate out of and provide services to? Click here to learn more!

I operate out of and provide the majority of my services in the City of Toronto. Areas outside of the City of Toronto, such as neighboring GTA areas, areas across Ontario or Canada as well as internationally may require or incur additional transportation, labour and accommodations costs, which are to be determined on a per job or contract basis. For more information, please contact me.

What necessary steps need to be taken prior to you coming to and photographing a property / facility or premises? Click here to learn more!

The property should be in a presentable manner, cleaned thoroughly, and should have any unwanted objects relocated well in advance. For more information and helpful tips, please see my “12 Steps to Make your Property and Premises as Presentable as Possible!” article. Penalties or additional charges may be incurred for loss of time or delay, and may be required depending on the severity, arrangement or agreement.

Will furniture or objects need to be moved during a photo shoot at / for a property, facility or premises? Click here to learn more!

Frequently, I may need some objects or furniture to be moved in order to get the best possible shooting conditions or capture the best possible photograph / angle. For liability purposes, if furniture or objects need to be moved, I will request it to be moved by you. I will not touch or move anything unless willing and explicitly authorized to do so in the form of a waiver, in which case, must be signed by the property owner or owner of the furniture / objects.


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