12 Steps to Make your Property and Premises as Presentable as Possible!

12 Steps to Make your Property and Premises as Presentable as Possible!

Capturing, displaying and providing the outmost best photography for your property is essential to not only building initial interest amongst potential home buyers, but to the eventual sale or rental of your property.

Often, homes are filtered and looked at by homebuyers through various online channels of communication, syndications and websites prior to requesting an in-person tour. Therefore, the initial presentation of your home through digital photographs must display your property in the most favorable and enticing manner possible in order to capitalize on and peak interest of your potential customers or homeowners / homebuyers.

Below, you will find a simple 12 step preparation guide / list to help you ensure your home is photographed in the most favorable manner that best showcases your property, which will in turn lead to a beneficial and timely sale or agreement.

1. Make sure all driveways and / or pathways / walkways are free and clear of debris, clutter, garbage / recycling containers or any other objects that may detract from the property’s features. An ideal place to put these items / objects would be in a garage or other storage facility / area.
2. Make sure the drive-way and front / corner exteriors of the home or facility is unobstructed by vehicles or other unwanted objects. If necessary, or if time permits, give neighbors or tenants an advanced notice of the photo shoot and instruct or ask them not to park in the front, side or rear of the home / facility.
3. De-weed all flower beds / pots and make sure all gardens and yards are clear and free of any outdoor tools, hardware or children’s toys.
4. Sweep decks, patios and entranceways. Make sure they are free and clear of debris as well as clutter or any other objects that may detract from the property’s features, such as; shoes, umbrellas, coats, gloves and hats.
5. Open all window coverings, drapes or blinds (keep to an open position) if you wish to show or highlight views or scenes of the outdoors. Make sure all windows on the exterior as well as interior are clean and free of dirt, water marks or stains. If you do not wish to show the exterior view / outdoors, keep drapes or blinds closed.
6. Turn on all lighting in all rooms. This includes all overhead lights, pot lights, ceiling fan lights, stove top lights, and lamps etc. Night lights / socket lights should be off and preferably taken out of sockets and out of sight.
7. Make sure all ceiling fans as well as televisions and computers or laptops are turned off. Likewise, ensure that all remote controls, keyboards and wires / accessories are either neatly arranged or put away and out of sight.
8. Ensure all bathroom mirrors, countertops, sinks and bath’s / showers are clean, clear and free of any items. Toilet Paper racks should be replaced and / or refilled and toilet seats / lids should be closed.
9. De-clutter rooms which may either be excessively furnished or may have excessive amounts of objects / items or accessories in them. Ensure that all children’s toys are neatly put away in designated areas. Make sure all bedrooms are clear and free of clothes, and that beds are made and are tidy / wrinkle free.
10. Straighten and tidy bookshelves, display units and work spaces. Ensure newspapers and magazines are not piled up or displaced and that trash cans are out of view / placed in storage or closets.
11. Ensure all counter tops are clean, clear and free of items or objects and remove any magnets / articles or other objects from refrigerators and / or other surfaces.
12. Remove or relocate pets (for the duration of the photo shoot) as well as any evidence of pets, such as; bowls, toys and litter boxes.

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